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For over 20 years, we have specialized in supplying pumps for various industries over the world. Apart from a comprehensive range of pumps, our company services covers after sales services provided by effective technical team.

After Sales Services

24 hour Service and Support

Technical consulting, delivery of spare and wear parts, and proper implementation of repair work which supported by our technicians or service partners.

Service Equipment

Here is the list of proper tools used by our service technician:

  • SKF laser alignment
  • SKF bearing hydraulic puller
  • SKF bearing fitting tool
  • RPM Tester
  • Multi-tester


  • Installation of  pump 
  • Assembly Inspection service provided after customer installation and before commissioning. 
    • You may to ensure that the pump is correctly installed and assembled, and also avoid delays in commissioning and damage due to mistakes of the assembly.
  • Commissioning 
    • Assembly verification has included.
    • Operating condition on location and reports documents has recorded by a texel-fybroc service technician or engineer.

Maintenance and Repair

  •  Maintenance and repair with original spare parts
    • Always commission our qualified staff with repairing your pump; we exclusively use spare parts.
  • Drafting of spare and wear parts offers and packages for preventive maintenance
    • Our service specialists have well-founded know-how concerning the use and operation of chemical centrifugal pumps in the primary markets of environmental engineering, foods, paper, oil and gas, chemicals and other industries. You can therefore quite rightly rely on the fact that we will always provide you with the optimum technical and economical solution for your tasks.
  • Order processing repair service
    • In the event that you would like us to carry out a repair, please contact us.
      Factors such as urgency, the damage symptoms, the scope of the damage and the availability of spare parts are decisive in whether the repair will be carried out in your premises or in our facilities.
      You will be informed immediately of the service number; when dealing with repairs carried out in our facilities, we can send you a return delivery note by e-mail or fax. Return deliveries are made exclusively with statement of the service number in order to guarantee fast and accurate processing.

Our Past Projects

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